Hanu Technologies has a team of skilled and experienced professionals in Business/System Analysis, Project Management and IT Project delivery. We enable our clients to identify and articulate their business need/problem or opportunity for a positive value added change and recommend, enhance, improve or create a solution to the need /problem or opportunity. Hanu Technologies has an extensive consulting experience in Business Analysis and Project Management. Our consultants have worked with clients throughout SDLC from Business Case to implement a Solution, whether it is Agile, Scrum, XP or Waterfall.

At Hanu Technologies our business analysts focus on defining and elaborating business needs that are aligned to strategic vision, are feasible to implement and will add measurable business value.

We undertake deep analysis necessary to

  • Understand the impact of changes to an organisation.
  • Model new business processes and designs.
  • Define business requirements to measure quality and success of the solution.
  • Identify business constraints on system behaviour and user interaction for system components.
  • This business value driven approach ensures that project budgets are directed to changes that have the greatest positive impact to organisations.

Our range of expertise includes

    • Data management and analysis
    • RData interchange and integration software
    • Web and application servers.
    • Database management systems
    • Analytical and decision support software

Our Business Analysis Consultancy can help you to analyse

    • Unstructured data from social media channels including Twitter and Facebook, emails, legal documents, and much more
    • Social Graph Visualisation
    • Predictive analytics using Machine Learning and Statistics
    • Extract and combine data from a variety of sources such as APIs, websites, Standard & NoSQL DBs, PDFs, and Word documents
    • Event analysis and geo-location experiments
    • Segmentation

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